Landon Erwin Cramer [birth story]

April 24, 2017 in LandonErwin

I cannot believe that our sweet, precious boy has been here for three weeks now! Thank you to everyone for the congratulations, well wishes, advice, baby gifts, and visits. It all means so much to our family and we couldn’t be more blessed!

Landon was measuring large at our 36 week ultrasound, and with me having a history of PVC’s and other concerns, I talked with my OB and we agreed that a C-section was best for Landon’s delivery. So it was settled, we were scheduled for a C-section on April 3, 2017 at 7:30 AM.

My mom, dad, sister, and I stayed at my sister’s apartment only 3 minutes from the hospital the night before – I am SO not a morning person, and I wanted to limit any possibility of something going wrong to make us late that next morning. Sleep was difficult to come by knowing that I’d be finally meeting my son the next day! But, it finally did come and the next thing I knew, we were up and heading to the hospital. 5:00 AM rolled around and I got settled in pre-op to have my IV hooked up and be prepped for surgery. Seeing as this was my first surgery ever, to say I was nervous would be an understatement! My stomach was in knots and I was so anxious as to how it all would go. 6:00 AM rolled around and my husband finally showed up with his parents. He had gotten a late start and I was picking on him the entire time that I just KNEW he’d be late – ha! It was good to have him by my side, though, and I was so thankful he made it safely.

Finally, it was time to walk to the OR. Again, I’ve never had surgery before so I’ve never been inside of an OR much less walked into one. It was so surreal! Then came the part I was dreading – the spinal. I knew it was necessary and everything, but me and needles just don’t get along and knowing I’d have one placed into my spine worsened my anxiety. Finally, though, the spinal was done and I soon lost all feeling to the lower half of my body – the weirdest sensation I’ve ever experienced in my entire life! They quickly (and I mean quickly! that stuff works FAST) laid me down on the bed and rolled me onto my back. Then the prep work started and I got super nauseous. The anesthesiologist was my BFF and continuously administered nausea medication throughout the entire ordeal – the nausea just constantly came and went and I wasn’t having it! Before I knew it, my OB walked into the OR and she was ready to go!

And I freaked. Because my husband still wasn’t in the OR yet!

My OB started cutting before Cory was in the room and I was a basket case. But then the door opened and he walked in, and I was instantly at ease. He sat next to me and I just looked at him the entire time with tears in my eyes telling him over and over that I loved him. Then I felt it – the tugging. She tugged and pulled and tugged some more to get our sweet boy out – and then she learned why it was so difficult. Our boy had a big head! I later learned that she had to cut my incision longer AND use a vacuum to help get him out! No wonder I felt so much movement! Cory said it was cool to watch her pulling so hard to get him out. I’m just glad she finally got him out! 🙂

As she pulled him out, she told Cory to get the camera ready, and then I saw him – Landon entered the world at 8:11 AM weighing 9lbs 8oz. Our son. Our sweet boy was finally here!

They cleaned him up and I just stared at the bassinet across the room, again with tears in my eyes (obviously). Cory took pictures and walked back and forth between the bassinet and my side, and before I knew it, they were closing me up and we were on our way to recovery. Surgery was over, and we were parents!

I asked the nurse how long I’d be in recovery and she quickly informed me it would be two hours. Soon after that, I asked Cory if he had texted any of our family that were out in the waiting room that Landon had been born with zero complications and that I was okay. His response – “no”. He said they wouldn’t be worried and he wasn’t concerned about letting them know. Umm, excuse me?! I don’t think so. I asked him to please text one of them to let them know, and he finally did. I later found out that they were absolutely worried after not hearing anything for two hours after surgery started. Like, pacing the floor and asking nurses for information kind of worried. Oh sweet husband, how much you have yet to learn :).

While in recovery, I could have one visitor with me at a time. Once Cory had some one-on-one time with his son (he got to feed him first!), he went to the waiting room to let everyone else come to see me Landon. Before I knew it, two hours had passed and we were headed to our room where we’d spend the next four days recovering and bonding as a family of three.

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