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March 12, 2018 in LandonErwin

Landon is eleven months old and I am in denial.

Can he REALLY be eleven months old already? Can I REALLY be planning his first birthday already? Is this REALLY happening so fast?

Yes. Yes it is. REALLY.

Landon eleven months

As you can probably already tell, I cannot believe that our sweet boy is 11 months old. It seems like just yesterday that he was born and we were bringing him home, frantic about what this new life was going to look like and how we would make it all work. But here we are, with a very sweet, very smiley eleven month old baby boy that loves to get into anything and everything, crawls all the places, stands up at every chance he gets, and makes my heart burst every single day. And yet, he’s a huge daddy’s boy. *sigh* Landon loves Cory so fiercely. Seriously – Cory cannot walk through a room without Landon high-tailing it over to him and reaching right in front of him for Cory to pick him up. Every.Single.Time. And Cory can’t resist those arms and that smile, so he gives in. Every.Single.Time. And my heart just bursts with joy and love for my guys! I love that Landon loves his father so deeply, even if that means he’s more of a daddy’s boy right now than a mama’s boy…it might change one day (hopefully). Haha! But for now, I’ll take it and cherish every single smile and interaction between those two.

Our sweet boy still sleeps through the night (praise God!) and takes at least one good nap per day. It’s usually two naps, but some days he’s just not feeling that second one and we don’t force it. He’s also teething something fierce right now as a few more teeth are coming through. He’s still only at four, but more are definitely on the horizon! Landon weighs 25lbs 4oz and is 30 inches tall. He is still the light of our lives, and that won’t be changing anytime soon!

Landon has really started playing with toys with wheels. He wasn’t too into them before, but now he’s crawling around with trucks that move right along with him all the time! However, his favorite thing is still to bang two toys together (and sometimes it’s not even a toy!) to just make noise. The more noise, the better. Ugh. Boys. Ha! But our boy just radiates joy, and nothing makes me happier.

baby in laundry basket

Landon got his first “bloody nose” this month that I thankfully missed. I was informed of it after the fact and also learned that it wasn’t really a “true” bloody nose – but his snot was red-tinged and I guess that counts? It hurt my heart to hear of it, but I know that it’s only the first of many, MANY bruises/scrapes/bloody injuries that are in our future because Landon has no fear and he plays hard. Compared to his cousin who is five months older, he’s more aggressive and isn’t really gentle about anything!

Landon really only says “mama” and “dada” right now, with the latter being his preferred word at all times. The only time he says “mama” is usually when he’s super mad/pissed off, or when he’s starting to get really tired and fussy. So that means 99% of the time all I hear is “dada” repeated over and over and over and over and over again. Cory absolutely loves this fact and rubs it in my face every chance he gets. However, I know the “mama’s” are coming soon enough in the next few years, so I’m not rushing it! He said “mama” first, and that’s enough for me right now :).

L A N D O N  L O V E S



his new highchair

his daddy

L A N D O N  H A T E S

being changed

laying down

when you walk away from him

auntie and grammy time

Landon, I pray that you continue to grow big and strong, and that you continue to be a happy and fun-loving little boy. I pray that you know your mommy and daddy love you so fiercely and would do absolutely anything for you. You are the light of our lives and there is no more precious thing in this world to us than you! We love you, Landon. Always and forever.

mother and son

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