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August 3, 2017 in LandonErwin

Our sweet boy is four months old today! Time is really flying, but I’m absolutely loving watching Landon grow and learn.

Month four was kind of a whirlwind but in the best way possible – at least, until the last week when Landon came down with a viral infection. It was the first sickness for bubby and we could tell he was miserable (highest fever at 103.6), but he got lots of cuddles and extra loving and is on the mend! I was able to get a glimpse into how absolutely helpless it feels to not be able to truly heal your child when he/she is sick (in any way), and it broke my heart. I now have an all new perspective on parents in general, especially those with sick kiddos.

Landon really grew this month and is now 26.5″ tall and 16.8 pounds! Our little milk monster loves to eat, can’t ya tell? 🙂


We took our first vacation as a family of three this month, and Landon did so well! He flew on airplanes (four total), rode a train, went to the beach, and did lots of swimming. And he was a trooper! He also got to meet lots of extended family on Cory’s side in Pennsylvania this month, and he was absolutely the center of attention. They all loved on our sweet boy and I have the most precious pictures that captured such special moments that Cory and I will cherish forever.As for his sleeping, he’s still doing great for the most part. About two days before coming down with a fever he started waking up several times throughout the night and I thought maybe we were hitting the 4 month sleep regression a little early (which we might be), but then he got sick and I chalked it up to that. He’s back to sleeping 6-8 hours at a time during the night, and I’m definitely not complaining. To keep things in perspective, I continuously remind myself that for the longest time, we were only doing 1.5-2 hour stretches through the night. I survived that, so I got this!

L A N D O N  L O V E S

His bouncer

Being rocked



L A N D O N  H A T E S

Being still for too long

Going to sleep (he sleeps like a champ once he’s out, but I think he has FOMO ha!)

Smiling for the camera

Bath time is much better now, and he no longer screams bloody murder! He’s started to enjoy it more and this makes me so happy. Also, Landon can now roll over! I have yet to personally witness the action, but his teachers at daycare have seen it, and when we put him down at night, he’ll be rolled over when he wakes up in the morning. Cory has also seen it and just loves to rub in the fact that I have yet to. And our sweet boy’s smiles are seriously the sweetest. He’s started to try to laugh and has begun cooing, and the sweet sound just melts me! However, as soon as a phone or camera comes out, try as we might, it’s worse than pulling teeth to try to get him to smile. Like, it’s basically impossible. This is definitely something he’s going to have to get over because his photo-loving mama isn’t giving up!

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