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October 12, 2017 in LandonErwin

Y’all, I have a six month old! How in the world has it already been SIX MONTHS??? I’m seriously confused – okay, not “seriously”, but time has for real flown by and our sweet boy is absolutely thriving.

Landon six months

Month six was pretty glorious. Cory and I got some baby-free time to celebrate his birthday, and Landon got to spoil his grandparents for grandparents’ day! It truly is an amazing sight to see my parents with my son. I’m so in love with their bond. And he also got some quality time in with his Auntie! My sister babysat Landon overnight by herself for the first time this past month…and survived! I knew she would, but it’s understandably nerve-wracking to care for someone else’s baby all by yourself overnight. But she did fantastic and I absolutely love the bond she has with my son. Be still my heart – my family loves on our little guy so fiercely and I am over the moon blessed. 

He’s been sleeping so much better now that we’ve been on solids for a few months and have a better routine down. And sweet boy still loves his prunes! He did go through a small phase where he started refusing to eat anything and only wanted his bottle, but he’s better now and I have no idea what that was all about. Welcome to parenthood, right? I “try” not to look too much into it, but it’s hard! I want to know “why” to all the things, and that’s just not possible so I’m doing my best to let things go and just get from day to day. : ) Baby steps. Ha!

Sweet boy

L A N D O N  L O V E S

bath time

musical toys

eating (as usual)

being outside

L A N D O N  H A T E S

the act of being dressed

laying down (now that he’s so much better at sitting up, he much prefers it to laying down all the time)

being hungry

I am unbelievably blessed to be Landon’s mama, and the joy I have in being a mom is incredible. Yes, some days are HARD, but the smile Landon gives me upon registering my existence after a day away or good night’s sleep is absolute perfection. He lights up our lives and Cory and I are oh so blessed with a (mostly) happy baby. Landon is 27.5″ inches long and weighs in at 19lbs 13oz. Happy six months sweet boy!


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