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February 21, 2018 in LandonErwin

Our sweet boy is 10 (and a half) months old! Yes, this post is coming at ya late, but better late than never! And I would never forgive myself for missing a month, so here we go.

landon ten months

Month ten was a pretty “chill” month regarding Landon, but he’s still growing and laughing like crazy. We were able to really spend some time as a family of three this month, and I was oh so thankful. Every chance I get to just soak up our little family is an absolute blessing so I try my hardest not to take it for granted or to wish the time away. Although it wasn’t as much as I would’ve liked, the time was truly cherished.

One of the biggest milestones Landon had this month was that he now has TEETH!! Y’all, my baby boy has some chompers and my mama heart just swells at the thought of it. Yes, I know that babies get teeth and it’s a natural occurrence but I just get so overwhelmed with emotion when something new happens and to realize and see him growing tremendously right before my eyes (hello, hormones). Ok, I digress. Landon got his bottom two teeth this month, and then out of nowhere, his two top teeth erupted and our sweet boy is now a happy owner of four chompers! F-O-U-R! I’m so proud. Haha. He’s really learning to “click” his teeth together and figure out that those new things in his mouth are there to stay.  His “resting face” is also pretty funny right now because he’s usually always clicking his teeth together! See his monthly picture above for reference. It’s not a perfect, smiling photo this month, but it’s one I’ll cherish because it truly shows the phase we’re in right now. We’re all about those teeth!

father son

Landon is 25 pounds 11 ounces of CHUNK, and I’m obsessed. Is he bigger than other babies his age? Yep. But he was a big baby at birth and honestly doesn’t really stand a chance having me and Cory as his parents – we’re definitely not small by any means, so he’s going to come by it naturally. And our boy eats like a champ! He definitely never misses a meal and always looks forward to eating. There’s nothing that he doesn’t like so far (not even pickles)! We’re slowly incorporating more table food, but he’s still mostly on a baby puree meal plan. He also tends to eat early so I’m thankful that he’s still on baby food because I definitely never have our supper done early enough for him to eat it as his meal for the evening. Ha! #truth. Landon also loves to bite down on the spoon while he’s eating since he has his new teeth to play with. He makes a game of it and always laughs so hard – it’s precious. For now, anyway. I know there will be a time when I’m yelling at him to stop playing with his food, but that time is not now and we all laugh right along with him. Seriously, just looking at our son makes me smile. He’s just too precious! And I’m seriously so thankful that he’s a good eater and so far isn’t picky or stubborn at meal times. Y’all, that’s THREE times a day, and if I had to fight him for every one of those, I’d lose it.

baby's first haircut

Landon also had his first haircut this month! I may or may not have cried big ugly tears (okay, okay – it wasn’t THAT dramatic, but I was for sure emotional). He didn’t need much, but his hair was getting super long in the back and had starting creeping down his neck, so it was time. It was just a little trim, but I feel like doing it this way kind of eased me into his first “real” haircut in which his baby hair will cease to exist and my sweet boy will then look like a legit toddler. Sorry but I am definitely not ready for that just yet! This trim was hard enough. Kthanksbye.

L A N D O N  L O V E S

the dogs’ water bowl *le sigh*


standing up

patty cake

L A N D O N  H A T E S

being changed and/or dressed

sitting still

mother son

We are as in love as ever with our boy and cannot get enough of him! He’s growing like a weed, but he’s healthy, and that makes my mama heart happy – that’s all that I could ever hope for! He’s always into everything and never sits still for even a minute, unless you catch him when he’s really tired and more calm. Otherwise, he has a constant “go get ’em” attitude and is looking at everything, crawling everywhere, pulling up on anything and everything, and standing whenever he gets the chance! He’s a mover, that one.

Landon, I pray that you know how much you are so unbelievably loved and cherished. You bring such a joy to our lives and I pray that the light in your eyes stays for years and years to come. I am beyond blessed to be your mama and am doing my absolute best to do what’s best for YOU, my love. We love you oh so much, sweet boy!

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