Landon’s First Pumpkin Patch

October 27, 2017 in holiday, LandonErwin

It’s fall, y’all!

^^ my absolute favorite saying of all time. It’s so southern, ha!

It’s officially “fall” (well, since about a month ago), but the weather has just recently started reflecting the current season we’re in. Thank goodness! I absolutely love cooler weather and by the time it comes around, I’m 1,000% OVER the Texas heat.

I’ve been looking forward to an opportunity to take Landon to a pumpkin patch since October first came around, but it just wasn’t shaping up. That is, until yesterday!

Pumpkin picture

We met up with my sister and headed to a local church’s pumpkin patch that I had seen earlier this week. The weather was so pretty and we were both excited to take Landon for his first visit to the pumpkins! That is, until he fell asleep in the car and we ended up having to wake him up from his nap…which resulted in the following, most perfect fall-esque picture of all time:

Crying baby

Oh my goodness – I die! I laugh so hard every time I look at this picture. He was woken up before he was ready, the sun was glaring down in his face, and he was forced to sit on some scratchy hay. Poor guy just wasn’t feeling it! But I took pictures regardless, because, hello, I’m me! : )

He had no idea what was going on, but I feel like I was still able to capture a few good photos from the outing.

Pumpkin patch babySweet babyPumpkin patch Hay

Except for one.

The very first picture I took of Landon in the wagon with his little “spooky” pumpkins was just that – S P O O K Y!  When I was scrolling through all the photos we had taken to decide which to keep and which to delete, I was seriously stunned when I came across this one…

Camera fail

It’s just so WEIRD! I mean, he had to have moved just enough and in perfect timing with when I took the picture, but it’s creepy. His arm turns into a leg/foot, his “main” face is looking perfectly at the camera, but then his legs look purple and dead, and one of his feet turns into a weird pumpkin. What?! Creepy, y’all. Seriously.

But at the end of it all, even though I didn’t get an “instagram perfect” picture, I absolutely cherish what I did capture. It’s how he was feeling in the moment. It’s real life, and it’s a memory that I won’t soon forget! I love my sweet boy oh so much and truly adore starting traditions with him. Bring on the holidays!

Mommy and me

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