Landon’s Letters: To My One Year Old Son

Landon Erwin,

Today you are one year old. Yes, an entire year has come and gone since your arrival into our lives and I could not be any more emotional. Just being honest. Time truly flies, but every single day with you is an absolute blessing, son.

We definitely had a rocky first few months with you, but once we got things figured out with your reflux, life got a little easier and mommy was able to truly enjoy our time together. I have absolutely loved watching you grow this past year and cannot believe you were once a little baby boy. You are so big now and have accomplished so much in such a short time, but no matter what you are doing, you always have a genuine smile on your face  and are truly a happy baby (unless you’re hungry). Also, I’m still going to refer to you as a baby for AT LEAST another year, so just get used to it, ok? Mostly because I’m in denial that you’re growing up so fast and I refuse to begin calling you a toddler yet.

Most often than not, I tear up any time I spend playing with you after work. I just love watching you work so hard to figure out how something works and will never get enough of you. Ever! I am just so elated to be your mommy and for the opportunity to teach you and guide you as you come into your own little person. Speaking of, your personality is seriously the best ever! I love all of your laughs and HUGE smiles – because when you’re genuinely happy or laughing so hard, your smile can be seen from a mile away and lights up the room. Everyone always tells me what a happy baby you are, and let me just tell you that hearing that makes my heart burst. Because all I ever want for you in this world is to know just how much you are loved and for you to be happy. I promise to do my best with these goals as time goes by and to tell you that I love you every single day. So far, so good, because I am constantly telling you how much I love you. Even though you don’t understand it quite yet, I know you feel my love, and that’s enough for now. I seriously cannot wait for the day to hear “I love you too, mommy!” And as fair warning, there will be tears…lots and lots of tears upon hearing those words.

You are my greatest joy, Landon, and I truly want the best for you. Parenting is seriously hard work, but it’s true what they say – it’s the most rewarding thing you could ever imagine. It’s definitely something you don’t fully understand until you’re facing it head on, but being your parents is something your daddy and I truly cherish and never take for granted. We are so in love with our family of three!

family photoLogan Fahey Photography

My wish for your first birthday (I still seriously cannot believe it’s here already!) is to continue being uniquely you, to be as outspoken and boisterous as possible, and to keep growing big and strong. You’ve surpassed anything I could’ve ever asked of you in your first year of life, and I pray that you continue to adventure, discover, learn, and investigate all.the.things. You never sit still for a single second and as exhausting as it may be sometimes, I truly love it. You’re always adventuring. You’re always watching what’s going on. You’re always so darn curious. And I love it all. It’s YOU and you are my greatest joy (have I said that already? oops… #sorrynotsorry).

You have become such a daddy’s boy, and I have to admit that I struggled with that for a little while. But over time, watching you play and interact with your daddy is one of my absolute favorite pastimes. I could do it for hours and hours because the joy radiates from both of you. And as much as you hate sitting still, reading to you is another one of my favorite things. I pray that as you get a little older, you will come to love our story time as much as I do. You love standing up, and although you’re not walking quite yet, you’re so close and we are expecting you to just stand up and walk across the room any day now. You love dogs, little people, and your shape box. The more noise you can make, the better. And you love crawling over anything and everything (and everyONE!). You never took a pacifier much to my dismay, but everyone tells me that it’s such a great thing. However, when you’re fussy and upset and sad, not having something to soothe you instantly breaks my mama heart into a billion pieces. So although it will be a blessing to not have to eventually break you of a pacifier habit, it’s hard. You’re still a good eater, even though I think you’re starting to get some more teeth because meal times have gotten a little more difficult. But no matter what, you always get so excited and absolutely DEVOUR your yogurt. You love the stuff in any flavor and I’m so glad you do. Basically, you love life and the people that pour themselves into you. The light in your eyes when I get home from work and see you after a long day is pure bliss. It happens every single time and I am unbelievably grateful for it!

As we celebrate you today, I am reminded of how much you’re loved. There are SO MANY people that love and care for you, and I could not be more thrilled about that. God placed so many loving and caring people around you (and your mommy and daddy) to help get you to this point today. Because it’s definitely been a roller coaster of a year, but today is your day. Today is all about you and in celebrating who you’ve become – who you are. And I am eternally grateful that one of those labels is “my son”.

Logan Fahey Photography

Happy first birthday, Landon Erwin Cramer! I love you beyond the stars.


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