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August 1, 2018 in life lately

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve graced this place with…well, with anything really. And the culprit? L I F E.

I know that’s a pretty {big} excuse, but it’s true. Life with a toddler is oh so fun exhausting! Landon definitely keeps us on our toes, and it pretty much never fails that at the end of the day, I’m completely wiped out both mentally and physically. He never, ever sits still! Now that he’s mobile (he started walking about a week after his first birthday…eeek!), he never rests. He plays hard, and sleeps harder I think…which I’m definitely not mad about! Sweet boy sleeps through the night like a d.r.e.a.m. praise God!

Here’s what life has looked like over the past few months:


first birthday

We celebrated Landon’s 1st birthday! An actual post on his party will come soon (I hope)!

cherry blossom

I flew to Connecticut to visit this girl for a few days!


tractor fun

We had tons of fun at our annual family reunion. Landon loved this tractor!

mother's day

I celebrated my second Mother’s Day and loved on this little monkey all night.

first happy meal

Landon had his very first happy meal! And loved it (of course).

weight lossweight loss

I started a weight loss journey that I’m STILL doing and succeeding at. It may be at a snail’s pace, but progress is progress!

father and son

We’ve enjoyed some fun in the sun before temps hit over 100 degrees. It’s so dang hot in Texas!


mule ride

mule ride

Landon’s love for mule rides runs deeeeep. And his grandparents indulge him every time!

family waterpark


landon and cory at the pool

We enjoyed a family pool day even though Landon wasn’t a fan at first. It took him some time to warm up to the water but then there was no stopping him!

daddy play time

Cory celebrated his second Father’s Day to this little guy. Their love for each other is seriously precious and I can’t get enough.

landon at daycare

My sweet boy just cheesin’ at daycare drop off!


landon with grandma

Cory’s mom flew in and visited for a few weeks earlier this month and really enjoyed some time with her son and grandson.

4th of july

baby's first 4th of july

We definitely went to the St. John Picnic for some 4th of July fun. Look at Landon compared to last year! He’s grown SO.MUCH!

grandpa and landon

My parents visited for the weekend a few weeks ago and just soaked up some time with their grandson. Landon just loves his Pops!


So that’s it! It’s been a busy few months but it’s been good. Right now we’re just trying to beat the heat and find activities to do indoors to keep Landon busy.  Other than that, we’re getting over some food poisoning (not Landon, thank goodness!) and get back to “normal”, whatever that looks like! And I hope to be posting more now and documenting what life with a toddler looks like!

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