March To-Do’s

March 4, 2016 in goals

It’s been a while since I’ve come to this space, and it feels refreshing to be back and putting my thoughts and ideas down again. February was hard, in more ways than one – but I’ll be talking more about that next week! You can also take from this that I failed in EVERY.SINGLE.TO-DO in February.

For now, though, we’re going to jump into March’s monthly to-do’s!

1. Self-care.
After a pretty rough and difficult month, I learned that I really need to focus on taking better care of myself. Whether that means I need to do my nails or some extra family time or blog and journal for an entire night or indulge in my favorite ice cream and chick flick, I need to put more focus and effort on self-care.

2. Pray.
With so much going on (more on that next week), I feel myself being pulled in so many different directions. I want to intentionally and purposefully pray this month. It’s important and I want to be in more direct communications with the Lord. It also makes me feel a million times better when I do!

3. Read 2 books.
I’m sticking with this monthly to-do and will again be aiming to read at least two books this month!

4. Track my habits.
I’ve jumped on the bullet journal train and all that this entails, including tracking my habits! Good and bad, I want to really keep up with them this month and get a sense of how often I do or don’t do something that’s important to me.

Here’s to a fresh, new month and a new outlook on things. Oh, and grace. Because giving yourself grace is oh so important.

Happy Friday!

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