May To-Do’s

May 9, 2016 in goals

It’s MAY! That’s 5 months into the year and one month closer to my all-time favorite time of the year (yes, I’m looking at you, Christmas!). 

Before I jump into this month’s goals, let’s recap April…
1. Read 2 books.
Fail. With everything happening so quickly and moving to South Carolina, I only read one book in April. But it was a GOOD one! 
2. Go through my storage unit. 
Check! This totally happened and I got rid of so much stuff! Purging seriously feels amazing. 
3. Write down prayers.
Fail. Another “good intention” not acted on. I hate that, but I’m going at it again this month! 
4. Editorial calendar.
This was a 50/50. I was doing great early on in April but things quickly went downhill with all things blogging as moving day got closer and closer. 
1. Write down prayers. 
Definitely trying this again this month! Putting pen to paper and being more intentional in my prayer life really has me excited. 
2. Read 2 books.
I love having this on the list each month. It constantly keeps reading on my mind and makes me pick up a book when I’d otherwise do something else. I have a love of reading, what can I say? 🙂 
3. Go on an adventure. 
We’re in South Carolina! A new state. New cities. And so much NEW to explore! I’m looking forward to some adventuring this month and new experiences! 
4. Get settled.
Speaking of South Carolina and so much new, I’m really hoping to get settled in this month. New routines, new jobs, new goals, new adventures, new driving routes. I’m hoping to get a sense of our new normal. We’ll see how it goes! 
So, there it is! 4 things to do this month. I really enjoy these posts, as it keeps me accountable (even if when I fail) and helps me to keep track of my goals and growth. And there’s something about really focusing on a few things each month instead of giant, constant-running to-do lists. It helps.
What are you hoping to get accomplished this month? 

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