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September 2, 2017 in life lately

August was kinda slow paced but hectic at the same time. I know, that’s not really possible, but that’s how it felt! I feel like we didn’t really do much this month, but in the moment, it felt like SO MUCH going on! Crazy I know, but I guess that’s just life lately.

Looking back, though, I realized that we got in a LOT of family time this month and I’m so grateful for that. It may not have all been super memorable or spectacular, but they were truly cherished moments with people I love.

The highs:

  1.  Landon started on solid foods!
  2.  Getting unexpected quality family time with Cory and Landon due to the hurricane.

The lows:

  1.  Landon’s continued sleep regression. *sigh*
  2.  Landon getting RSV bronchitis AND double ear infections! : (
  3.  Hurricane Harvey devastating Texas.

c u r r e n t l y

loving:  that fall is right around the corner!

contemplating: the logistics of pulling off Cory’s birthday celebration next week.

smelling: baby formula – that stuff is seriously so gross (at least the expensive one that agrees with Landon’s tummy)! And we recently tried the powder version which blew up in my face because it smells even WORSE than the liquid! Ugh.

reading: all the books to Landon! <3

deciding: what to eat for dinner.

learning: medical things. I know it’s not as much as other REALLY sick babies need or deal with, but having to learn and clean all the parts to Landon’s nebulizer without breaking anything was definitely a learning curve.

watching: Hart of Dixie on Netflix. Binging is the best!

writing:  in my new space on this here blog and LOVING IT!

hating: giving Landon his breathing treatments. He absolutely hates them and it breaks my heart.

listening:  to Spice Girls radio on Pandora. Judge away!

craving: pickles – always pickles.

planning: our future. Some big decisions are on the horizon!

needing: sleep. #lifeofamom

dreadingLandon’s next breathing treatment. Seriously.

wanting: my cough to go away. Please and thank you.

reminiscing: over the past year. So much has changed!

eating: star crunch. All the star crunch.

drinking: blackberry pomegranate green tea with honey. Umm, YUM!

swooning over: my husband and all of his adorableness. It’s been a hectic month and he’s so good to just roll with the flow and to remind me how much he loves me and misses me when we’re unexpectedly apart.

feeling: happy and blessed.

working on: blog posts!

hoping: my son gets over this sickness ASAP.

looking forward to:  finally getting to celebrate Cory’s 30th birthday next week!

Lord, I thank You for a month filled with the mundane moments that I all too often take for granted. I pray that I continue to see these moments as blessings and share them with my loved ones! I also pray that Landon heals quickly. He truly seems to be on the mend, but he’s still suffering and it breaks my mama heart. I hope that he gets more accustomed to his breathing treatments so they’re not so torturous on his little body. And I hope that his sleeping continues to improve as well! I know this phase in life is so fleeting, so I try to soak it all in as much as possible, but it’s also oh so exhausting. Thank You, Lord, for my amazing support system who continually show up for me and help with anything and everything. In Your name I pray.


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