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June 30, 2017 in life lately

June was fabulous – for the most part. I did have a week in there that was H.A.R.D., but otherwise, it was pretty great! We are just loving on our sweet boy each and every day and soaking up all of his baby-ness! Love, love, love him oh so much!


The h i g h s:

  • Landon was baptized!
  • Cory’s first Father’s Day.
  • Cory’s parents visited for a week and a half from Pennsylvania and got to enjoy some much needed time with Landon.
  • A family pool day and dinner at Texas Roadhouse!
The l o w s:
  • I broke. I’ve been trying so hard not to over these past few months, but a few weeks ago, I just had a serious panic attack and broke down.
  • I’ll be keeping my current vehicle a little longer than I initially hoped or anticipated. But it’s totally fine…just a little disappointing. 

loving: Our little family. I’m still just oh so in love with Landon, being a mom, seeing Cory as a father to Landon, making decisions as parents…I just swoon!

contemplating: How much sleep I can possibly get tonight. I’m just in a constant state of tired. Can anyone guess why? 🙂

smelling: The wonderful baby smell. I just smile every time! But am I the only one that doesn’t like the smell of Baby Magic? My mother-in-law swears by the stuff so we bought the body wash…and I can’t stand it! It’s just not pleasant and I don’t enjoy having my son smell like the stuff. Am I alone in this?

reading:  Seamless by Angie Smith. I started this Bible Study over a year ago and honestly lost it in all the moving back to Texas and having a baby chaos. Well, I found it and I’ve jumped back in! I’m absolutely loving it.

deciding: What to pack and in which bag. Thank goodness I love lists!

learning: To not procrastinate with a baby. Going ANYWHERE takes lots of time to prepare for, much less making a trip across the country. The packing and planning has already begun, which is huge progress for me and my perfected procrastination.

watching: Cartoons in the mornings. Landon has started to take to the movements on TV and seems to be content with cartoons in the morning after he eats and while I’m getting ready for the day.

writing: Scripture. I’m (working on) making time for the Lord and am digging into the Word.

hating: Ants. I apparently got into some while taking the dogs out the other day and my left foot is now littered with over 10 ant bites and it’s driving me insane. All.the.itching.

listening: To all the audiobooks! Me and Audible are seriously BFFs.

craving: All the food. Doesn’t my body know that I’m no longer pregnant and therefore do NOT need to eat everything in sight? Sheesh!

planning: Vacation that starts NEXT WEEK! 🙂

needing: Sleep. And prayers.

dreading: Several plane rides with a 3 month old and an impatient husband that dislikes people…

wanting: Some good pictures of me with Landon. I’m always snapping pics of him with everyone else and every time I actually get presentable (i.e. brush my hair and put on makeup), either I fail to have someone take a picture of us or Landon just doesn’t cooperate.

reminiscing: Over this past month! A lot has happened and I’m thrilled with it all. I’m ending this month on a positive note and am so excited about Landon’s growth and having gotten to spend a lot of time with family this month. God is good.

eating: All the donut holes. I found a bakery nearby the camper that sells the true donut holes – not those cake donut nasties. I’m obsessed and stop by a few times a week to indulge. Thank goodness they’re cheap!

drinking: Coffee. Who am I?! I used to hate the stuff, but it fuels me now. #momlife

swooning over: Landon’s smiles. He’s giving them more and more now, and I’m just eating them up!

feeling: Exhausted. With so much going on this month and my traveling back and forth between work and home and my parents’ house and just everywhere, I’m wiped out. Do I have any takers for babysitting Landon for a week so that I can SLEEP?

working on: Budgeting money. Things are changing right now and in the very near future so I’m hopeful to finally make some headway in this area. Like, major progress. Prayers are very much appreciated!

hoping: For traveling grace next week! And lots of patience for this mama.

looking forward to: Landon’s great-grandparents finally getting to meet him! There will be lots of pictures.
Lord, thank you for calmer waters this month and for so much more joy. I am eternally grateful for every day we got to spend cuddling and loving on our son! I pray that Landon knows he is oh so loved and that he continues to stay healthy on the current routine we have down. I am so thankful for his growth and maturity at this stage, and we look forward to the months ahead to continue watching Landon learn and grow. I also pray for patience, safety, and the ability to truly live in the moment as we take this vacation across the country next week with Landon. It’s a special time and I want to relish every minute. Please calm this mama’s heart and help me to relinquish control. In Your name, I pray. Amen. 

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