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March 31, 2017 in life lately

And just like that, March is coming to a close. Like, today. Doesn’t it seem like it was just Christmas and the new year? And now we’re staring April in the face. Whoa.

March was pretty dang good to me! Although being SUPER pregnant has had its not so great moments, I’ve loved carrying Landon for another month and each symptom is absolutely, 100% worth it for him to be growing big and strong and healthy. Emphasis on the big. He’s definitely hit several growth spurts this month and people are no longer commenting that “I don’t even look pregnant” or that my bump is so small for how far along I am.

The highs:

  • An amazing baby shower! 
  • Finally having essentials we need for Landon’s arrival.
  • Finalizing Landon’s crib and decor! His bedding is the cutest and I’ve loved creating his space. 
  • Getting our birth plan in place with our doctor and seeing Landon on the ultrasound again!
  • The Lent Scripture Writing Plan I’ve been doing from Shannon. It’s not only gotten me into the Word on a daily basis, it’s realistic and something that’s easily achievable every day. A great starting point for hopefully what turns into a habit! 
The lows: 
  • Not seeing Cory as much as I’d have liked due to our schedules. 
  • s.t.r.e.s.s. and hormones. and the scary symptoms that come with that for me. 
  • Money issues/frustrations. Always.
loving: My family! All of them. My husband, my parents, my sister, my brother. They are pouring love and support into me and it’s so appreciated and needed right now.
contemplating: Different spreads and layouts for my bullet journal. I love being able to change things up when/how I want! And if I don’t like it or it doesn’t really work for me, I can just change it up again or go back to what I liked before. So much freedom. 
smelling: Lemons. I’m loving me some lemons lately. 
reading: Several books lately. I’m either into the Christian living books (see: Looking for Lovely by Annie Downs and Choosing Real by Bekah Pogue) or the lighthearted chick flick novels (see: What We Find by Robyn Carr). No in between for these hormones right now. I need to know that God loves me right where I am no matter how much of a hot mess I am in the moment and then I need to get out of my reality and laugh and enjoy a light, funny book. So that’s been on my currently reading list. I’ve updated my Goodreads account recently, too, so you can check that out here
deciding: Nothing! And it’s nice. All decisions for Landon have been made and it’s just a matter of time, now. Bags are packed, outfits are picked out, times are scheduled, and our birth plan is in place. I’m going to enjoy a little time off from making anymore decisions until more pop up, haha! 
learning: To sleep when I can and be okay with it. I’ve been oh so tired as I’m nearing the end of this pregnancy, and usually I wouldn’t nap in order to be productive and get other things done. But I’m learning to be okay with needing the extra rest right now, especially because it’ll be a thing of the past once Landon arrives! 
watching: All the Grey’s Anatomy reruns (no surprise there!). Thank goodness they air on Lifetime and I’m able to DVR them. However, I’m pretty caught up so I’m going to be turning to Netflix for binge-watching once I have Landon and am on maternity leave at home all day (any and all recommendations and suggestions are welcome!). 
writing: In my bullet journal on the daily. Tasks, Scripture, notes, diary entries – all the things and I’m loving it. Writing is CLEARLY an outlet for me and eases my anxiety. 
hating: Laundry. Even just my own is out of control, so once Landon is here, it’s only going to get worse, I know. Let’s just say I’m not looking forward to it! I’ve always hated laundry. 
listening: To Spirit 105.9 all.the.time. It’s helping to keep me in the right frame of mind during all of these changes and preparations for our sweet nugget’s arrival. 
craving: Stability, but I know that, realistically, it won’t be happening anytime soon with a newborn on the horizon. So, I’m staying calm about it and know that it’ll come in time, God willing. 
planning: My maternity leave. I have no clue what life with a newborn is going to look like exactly (you don’t know until you’re elbows deep in it, so they say), so I’m trying not to plan “too much” and just go with what my son needs from me in his first days/weeks/months of life. 
needing: A vacation. 🙂 
dreading: The pure exhaustion and overwhelm that is inevitably in my very near future. 
wanting: To hold my son! I know I’m basically like a broken record at this point with saying how badly I just want to hold him, but it’s still true and still what I want.
reminiscing: About this pregnancy as a whole. I’ve been thinking back a lot lately about each milestone and step of this journey – from the day I found out up to today. So much has happened, and I thank my lucky stars for everything turning out the way it has and to be at this point right now. Blessed is the only way to describe it.
eating: All the things. Still. I’m kind of looking forward to not constantly needing to search for a snack! 
drinking: Too much soda recently. 🙁 But I’m getting back on my water habit, which is nice and is helping me feel better. 
swooning over: All the baby clothes. I mean, how can I not?! 
feeling: Equally nervous and excited. I’m going to be a first-time mom VERY soon, and I’m over the moon excited to meet Landon and become a mommy, but I’m equally as nervous about becoming overwhelmed and failing at this mom thing. It’s something I’ve always wanted and dreamed of, but now that it’s nearing, all of my fears are bubbling at the surface. 
working on: Taking it easy. Being 9 months pregnant takes a toll on a woman and I’m learning to be okay with asking for help. 
hoping: For a smooth delivery for Landon and that he is healthy. 
looking forward to: The birth of our son! 
Lord, I thank you for getting me and Landon to this point in my pregnancy with things looking good for delivery. I pray for a healthy baby, smooth delivery, and to make it through with minimal to no complications. I’m excited to be entering into my son’s birth month! Thank You for watching over me and guiding my way, as this month has been especially hard with my hormones raging. I pray for peace and calm and security as we enter into parenthood. I pray that I will continue to let go of the control I so often seek and allow You to guide my steps in raising our son so that he will know You and have a relationship with You. God, please watch over all of our family and friends that are traveling for Landon’s impending arrival, and help them understand that Cory and I will be new parents and will need lots of love and grace. In Your name I pray. Amen.

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