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December 1, 2017 in life lately

We are winding down to the end of 2017, and it’s my very favorite time of year! I love the air of the holidays and Thanksgiving is one of my favorites, second only to Christmas of course. November was filled with tons of quality time with my family and I am forever grateful for these moments. We did a lot this month! Our nephew turned the big ONE, we celebrated Thanksgiving like three times, celebrated birthdays, I made progress on Christmas shopping, and we played tons of games. I’m ending this month with a cold, but I’m already on the mend, thank goodness, and I’m looking forward to an eventful, interesting December to come!

family thanksgiving

Celebrating the holidays with Landon for all of his “firsts” is miraculous, and I can only imagine how much sweeter they will start to become once he knows and understands them and can start traditions with us each year.

The highs:

  1. Landon’s 1st Thanksgiving
  2. Our nephew turned O-N-E
  3. Much needed family time

The lows:

  1. Anxiety
  2. Car troubles
  3. Landon struggled with really bad diarrhea/diaper rash – it hurt my mama heart!
  4. Random unknowns – I know, vague, but there’s a lot going on

c u r r e n t l y

loving:  the cooler temps! It still reaches 70 degrees most days, but I’ll absolutely take them over the 100+ days.

contemplating:  life.

smelling:  nothing for the past few days. I unfortunately have a cold and cannot smell a thing!

reading:  the Gospel of John. Thoroughly. With the assistance of Shepherd’s Notes.

deciding:  what to pack for myself for this trip tomorrow.

learning:  to dig deeper into the Bible.

watching:  Grey’s Anatomy reruns – shocked? I think not.

writing:  in my Happy Planner! I’m still very much obsessed and in love with it. It’s been a major game changer.

hating:  5 day work-weeks. Have we really not agreed on a 4/3 split instead of this 5/2 business?

listening:  to all the Christmas music! Duh.

craving:  a vanilla Dr. Pepper from Sonic.

planning:  our trip to Pennsylvania THIS WEEKEND! We head out tomorrow!

needing:  to relax. I’m in the “figure out all the logistics” mode of traveling (especially with an infant) and I need to remember to breathe.

dreading:  these next few weeks…

wanting:  more hours in the day. Can we also please make this happen? K, thanks.

reminiscing:  over our first Thanksgiving with Landon! It was oh so sweet.

eating:  turkey! Well, thankfully not anymore, but I thoroughly enjoyed my fair share of this year’s fried turkey.

drinking:  not enough water. This must change ASAP.

swooning over:  my husband. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, it’s true. But my guy can be seriously sweet and kind and amazing. He can also be a jerk face (so can I!), but those moments are more rare thank goodness. No one’s perfect! Ha.

feeling:  stressed. anxious. tired. overwhelmed. You name it. I’m feeling allllll the feelings for this upcoming trip! Also, I’m flying solo with an almost-8-month-old infant. Prayers are very much appreciated!

working on:  patience. It’s an every day battle.

hoping:  for safe travels for my husband, who is driving to PA today. I’m a worrier.

looking forward to:  tomorrow! It’s going to be a very, very busy (and LONG) day.

Lord, I thank you for this beautiful month of November. I finally feel more confident and less tired as Landon’s mother. Thank you for entrusting him to me and allowing me to watch him learn and grow. I am completely obsessed with him and love him unconditionally. I now know “a mother’s love” from the mother’s side and I am in awe of this ability. Thank you also for just continuing to help me let go and give things over to you, God. It’s definitely not easy, and it makes me uncomfortable, but it’s all in your very capable hands, and letting go allows me to truly focus on what’s important. I pray for safe travels as we head to PA this weekend to visit with Cory’s family and that Landon stays in good health and spirits as his routine changes. Amen.

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