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September 29, 2017 in life lately

September has had its fair share of ups and downs, but it was pretty great to us for the most part! There were FAR MORE good days than bad, so it’s absolutely a win in my book.

It flew by, just like every other month has so far this year, but it’s been amazing to truly spend so much time with my parents, brother and his family, my sister, Cory, Landon – just all my favorite people! I’ve been so blessed this month by so much support. And Landon is seriously growing! He’s maturing so quickly and I can’t believe he’ll reach his six month mark next week!!

Things have been crazy with just so much going on lately, but Cory and I really got to spend some much needed time together both with and without Landon, and for that I am extremely thankful! We’ve gotten to reconnect and I love him oh so much!

The highs:

  1. Celebrating Cory’s 30th!
  2. Amazing quality family time.
  3. I got the job!

The lows:

  1. Depression reared its ugly head and I had a seriously rough few days in there. Postpartum? Maybe…
  2. Landon went on breathing treatments and HATED them.

c u r r e n t l y

loving:  life lately. It’s honestly been a pretty great month, and life is good. 🙂

contemplating:  what to wear for orientation on Monday!

smelling:  rain! I’ve been absolutely loving this rainy/overcast weather.

reading:  Seamless bible study by Angie Smith and Jesus Without Religion by Rick James.

deciding:  what I should do for lunch. I’m forever trying to decide what/where to eat!

learning:  balance. In all aspects of life. Or at least trying to.

watching:  Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce on Bravo. Love, love, love!

 writing:  in my Happy Planner all the days!

hating:  being so dang tired all.the.time. Even after a mocha frappe!

listening:  to all the Pandora! One day it’s Spice Girls radio, then the next day it’s some Lauren Daigle, then some Smash Mouth … loving being able to listen to whatever soothes my soul that day.

craving:  a good, delicious burger.

planning:  Landon’s holiday outfits! It’ll be his first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in the next three months in a row, so I’m trying to be on top of things at least a little bit. Cute, holiday-themed outfits are a must!

needing:  a break from adulting. K, thanks.

dreading:  figuring out the exact logistics of this weekend’s plans. So much going on, so many places to be, and only so much room!

wanting:  to take a break from social media – or at least Facebook. All of this craziness with the NFL…people are losing their minds over it and it’s CONSTANT in my newsfeed. A mama needs a break from animosity, which is hard enough in today’s society but Facebook definitely isn’t helping things. So I really should’ve just answered this question with “world peace”.

reminiscing:  over my time at my current job. It’s been such an absolute blessedness.

eating:  all the unhealthy options. Really hoping to rein this in SOON!

drinking:  tea for days. I’ve started really using the cold brew at work and am loving the half and half!


swooning over:  my little family. I mean, my husband is seriously so sweet and supportive, and we are just so in love with our little guy! Absolutely swoon worthy.

feeling:  giddy that it’s FRIDAY!

working on:  being a better blogger. Is this even possible with an infant?! I’m hoping so! We’ll see…

hoping:  to start eating better! I have great intentions, but then life happens and those intentions are shot all to hell.

looking forward to:  settling into a new routine VERY soon! There’s some “new” on the horizon, and I’m excited to get some stability and normalcy.

Lord, thank You for Your continued blessings bestowed upon my family. I am so eternally thankful for a beautiful son and amazing husband that I cherish always. Thank You for abundant family time this month and for guiding me through motherhood, especially past the guilt and questions and unknowns (which is basically everything). I pray that Landon knows just how much he is absolutely loved and that He will never question our love. I pray that he continues to grow big and strong and healthy and that I am able to continue watching the joy shine in his eyes.

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