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July 20, 2016 in blogging, life lessons

I’ve been like 99% off the grid for the past two months. I’ve gotten on Facebook here and there, posted pictures to Instagram on occasion, and threw up a blog post like twice. But that’s it

And I have to admit that it was nice!
It’s important to disconnect every now and then and just go off the grid. Turn your phone off or just leave it at home. It’s seriously so freeing! Not being tied down to social media or my phone or computer has been an absolute blessing. Y’all, I used to carry my Surface with my literally everywhere I went “just in case” I’d want to type up a post or something! Seriously. I’m not kidding. And now, my purse won’t even fit my Surface in it – and that’s amazing! I’m letting go of that control and am soaking up the present being with whoever I’m with. 
However, I wish it was all sunshine and rainbows while being away from this space and social media in general. But it definitely hasn’t been! 
It’s been rough, to put it lightly. But that’s because that’s what a new job will do to you! In Texas, I was working with Crime Victims’ Services. Now, I’m in workers’ compensation law as insurance defense. Umm, say what? I was super thankful for the job opportunity and I was ecstatic, but I seriously underestimated how fast-paced and chaotic workers’ comp is. They tried to warn me, but I was oblivious, I’m telling you! It’s such a high volume firm with a super fast work load, and I’m still learning what everything means and how it all works. There are a million forms and some have certain deadlines while others don’t; some need to be certified; some are faxed and some are emailed…ohmylanta! It’s definitely been challenging to learn a new type of law, but it’s also been fun. And the days FLY by, seeing as I’m super busy all day! And I’m definitely not mad about that :). 
But, I’m happy to say that after a month and a half, I’m finally making progress! I definitely still make mistakes and have to reference my notes multiple times a week, but I’m starting to understand the order of the processes and light bulbs are starting to go off in my head. That’s a huge plus! Some days are better than others, and some days (like last Friday) are pure torture (in an overly dramatic type of way, obviously). 
So, that’s a big reason I haven’t been plugged in to everyone else’s lives online – I wake up, sit in traffic, go to work, try to make sense of what is asked of me and what I’m doing, maybe eat lunch, process all forms and documents, leave work, sit in more traffic, get home, take care of the dogs, and go to sleep. There’s been very little energy for much else, so I basically accepted putting my blog on the back burner until things settled down. 
I’m not saying that things will be easy from now on, but I truly missed this space! Disconnecting definitely has it’s advantages, but I’ve missed coming here and sharing my thoughts and feelings and life! I’ve missed keeping up with my blog friends and being plugged into their lives and happenings. So, I’m glad to finally be back! I’m happy to read up on what’s going on and to put words in this blank space. It’s refreshing and just oh so nice. And it’s familiar, which is nice in a world so NEW to me upon moving to the east coast. 

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