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Hi, June.

And just like that, it’s June. May is officially in the rearview mirror and we’re now staring June in the face. Whoa. We’re seriously six months¬†into this year already?! I just can’t believe it. Time is for real flying…

me | may

I really do love doing these sort of “monthly recaps”, and I actually missed not having done it in April. So I’m back at it for May! It’s my own kind of check-in with myself and our family, and…

May Book Review

My love of reading runs deep, and I’m finally taking advantage of that again. My reading seems to come and go in phases throughout the year, but I’m determined to see if I can find ways to incorporate it…

Daycare Days

Well, we officially survived our first week of daycare and my returning to work! *pause for applause* This is HUGE, y’all! I knew that the (long) days of staying home with Landon would be coming to an end once…

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Hi! I'm Brianna.
hopeless romantic, lover of Jesus,
small town girl, wife, and mama.
welcome to my personal oasis, where you never know what you're gonna get!
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