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April 6, 2016 in life lessons, love, travel

Ending our “northern adventure” in December was something I was sad and nervous about. Sad because I didn’t want it to be over: the cold, the Christmas magic, the new adventures and new places, the puppy cuddles, the lack of responsibility or cares, the Hallmark Christmas movie marathons. It was joyous and heartwarming and peaceful. And I was nervous about traveling ACROSS AMERICA in a car when knowing full well that this girl gets absolutely, terribly carsick more often than not if I’m not driving said car.

Fun fact: we were in Cory’s car, which is a manual, which I cannot drive, which meant no driving for me across 7 states in a small car with two puppies under 3 months old.

Umm, what is this life? To say I was nervous and not particularly looking forward to this part of our trip is a complete understatement. However, I didn’t dread it, either.

We left in the early afternoon on Friday and started the 1,593 mile trek across 7 states back to Texas. I think I fell asleep within the first hour or so and took a glorious nap. Also, I had an alarm on my phone reminding me to take another dose of Dramamine as soon as I was able. I was determined to be proactive and keep the carsickness at bay. Also, I had some fun with Snapchat. It was right before Christmas, so each state had a filter of an ornament and I was all over that haha. That’s also why the pictures are super skinny, so there’s that, too.

West Virginia was absolutely beautiful, even though the few pictures I have doesn’t do it ANY justice.

Kentucky was up next and I’m pretty sure I slept through most of that state – oops! But that’s my go-to when I’m in a vehicle and not driving. It’s hard to get carsick while you’re sleeping ;). So, that’s my secret weapon haha. And it was late at night, so I was tired anyway. What I did see of it was still pretty. And then was Tennessee. I’ve always wanted to visit and was pretty excited to be driving through! Cory was also super awesome and detoured to Nashville. So we did a tour of the Country Music Hall of Fame and he also drove out of the way so I could see The Bluebird Cafe from the tv show “Nashville” – because I’m obsessed and how cool is it to see something like that in person?! Let me tell you, it was very cool.

The Bluebird Cafe wasn’t in an area that I expected. It was in a strip-center and had stores and things on either side of it. They definitely do a good job in the show of portraying this because I was in disbelief seeing it in person! I didn’t go in because it only opens for dinner, and that was still an hour and a half or so away. So yes, that means these people standing in line were doing so for a very long time! I guess it’s worth it? I don’t know. But the drive-by photo-op was nice and I much appreciated the extra detour Cory was willing to do for it.

Speaking of, he was seriously so great on this trip! Not that he normally isn’t great, but you know what they say about being in a car for a long period of time with someone you’re in a relationship with. It’s very telling! And I was thrilled by this trip with Cory. He was always willing to stop wherever I wanted (because he’s seen most of the U.S. by now and I hadn’t done much traveling before) and never got frustrated or upset when I wanted to stop at yet ANOTHER Pilot to buy yet another souvenir from a state I only drove through. That’s right, I have a mug and/or shot glass from each state we drove through. And I remember this trip each and every time I use one (the mugs get used way more often, don’t worry haha). And I smile, and I love it.

Last, but not least, was Arkansas and then Texas. Man oh man it seriously felt so amazing to be back home. And no, I didn’t buy a souvenir from Texas, in case you were wondering.

We drove through Texas as the sun was setting, and those Texas skies just never disappoint!

And you may also be wondering how the puppies did on this trip, and the answer to that is that they did AMAZING! I was so impressed by them. They entertained themselves in the backseat and slept a lot (hello, puppies). They were just precious. And of course we stopped often to take them out and to stretch their legs – we’re not monsters! Haha. I also got a kick out of their crazy funny sleeping positions…

So cute! They just melt my heart.

So that’s that! I think I slept the entire day the next day because I was so dang tired from such a long road trip. And don’t even get me started on the laundry and souvenirs that had to be dealt with and put away. Exhausted is an understatement, but it was completely worth it and I had an absolute blast! It’s definitely a trip I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I am so thankful for Cory and his patience with me in a car. I get super grouchy when I’m hungry (as does he, I learned), I’m claustrophobic, I get carsick, and I get bored easily. But due to the carsick thing, I can’t read a book or magazine or play games on my phone – it makes it much, much worse. But we talked a lot and he let me sleep as often as I wanted, and he was just the best. He smiled for as many pictures I asked for and enjoyed seeing me experience some of these states and things for the first time. I’m one very lucky girl to have such an amazing road trip (and life) partner!

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