September Goals

September 1, 2015 in goals

August was hard. Like, really hard. Nothing drastic or tragic happened last month, but it was a super long, stressful, frustrating, confusing month that really took a toll on me. I had to spend a lot of time looking deep within myself and in prayer to figure out what’s next and answer some pretty tough questions that came up last month. Overall, I’m left exhausted and in a rut. It’s okay, but it meant for a not-so-gratifying end for my August goals. Let’s recap.

1. Read three books.
Fail. I only read one, but you can check out my review from yesterday, here.
2. Better eating habits.
Yes, yes, yes. Although they’re not quite where I’d like them to be, I’ve gotten better about portion control and am learning not to beat myself up too much when I decide to indulge (like Sunday’s lunch of delicious sauerkraut).
3. Book of John study.
Sadly, this one was a fail. An epic one. However, I’m not upset about it at all. If I can’t give it the focus and attention that it deserves, then I’m glad I didn’t go at it only halfway. It’ll be on my list this month, too, so I’m hoping for some patience and focus to dive right in!
4. Organize my room.
Yes! I picked up and cleaned up clutter, so now I have an organized mess – although, organized chaos is more like it!
5. 2014 vacation pictures.
Oh yes. It was so, so fun to go back through all of these pictures! Be on the lookout for the posts (FINALLY) to be up soon! 🙂

As for September, I’m keeping it simple.

Practice patience.
I have a problem with waiting. And, sadly, it’s serious. I don’t know why, but for the life of me I cannot be patient no matter what aspect of life you’re talking about. Whether it’s purchasing something (I highly dislike ordering it online and love the immediate gratification of purchasing it in the store), waiting for an event to take place, or dealing with a particularly frustrating individual, I struggle with being patient. This month, I want to focus more on practicing patience, no matter how big or small something is. Hey, practice makes perfect, right? *fingers crossed*
Book of John study.
I didn’t get this done last month in any form or fashion, so it’s definitely a big goal of mine to accomplish this month. I’m praying for the clarity, peace, and focus to sit down with this study and really get into the Word. And not only read it, but fully comprehend, understand, and put into practice what I learn and am drawn to while studying John. 
That’s it. That’s what I hope to accomplish this month. It’s not a long list, contains nothing super fancy or dreadful, and it’s completely attainable. I don’t want to set myself up for failure this month. I want to be able to accomplish these goals no matter what life throws my way this month! And I don’t want to feel overwhelmed. Making too many goals per month while I’m on the road so much puts a lot of pressure on myself and I’m not satisfied with that type of life. So, I’m changing it up and am striving for patience and completing the Book of John Bible study. Let’s do this, September! 

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  • Zobia September 7, 2015 at 8:36 pm

    Great goals Brianna! I truly hope you achieve them! 🙂

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