Super Bowl 50 [Commercials + Halftime Show Review]

February 8, 2016 in television

I don’t think this comes as any surprise, but I’m not a huge football buff. I mean, I know the game and watch from time to time, but I don’t have a favorite NFL team or watch every single game. However, the Super Bowl is different, right? I mean, everyone watches the Super Bowl. It’s THE BIG GAME and whether you’re a fan of either team or not, you watch. At least, I did. And while the game was intriguing in the beginning, I soon lost interest. Like, by halftime. Apparently, it was a “defensive game” according to Cory and I wasn’t too thrilled. Ha!

So instead, I focused on the entertainment factor (i.e. the commercials and halftime show)! (I still watched the game until the very end plus the post game show, but I just paid more attention to the commercials – keepin’ it real!) And first, let’s talk halftime show.

I was pretty pumped about Coldplay performing this year’s halftime show. I mean, it’s old(ish) school and rock and I just love me some Coldplay. But WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?! They didn’t really get to play their stuff and the rainbow theme just threw me. I know they were doing a “past, present, future” thing, but seriously? This girl was highly disappointed in their performance or lack thereof. And I wasn’t alone. I found some fellow disappointees in the Twitterverse that agreed with me and we threw a fit together
And then, Bruno Mars came out, and my spirits were lifted a bit. For like, ten seconds. And then, Beyonce stormed the field. She played her song, “Formation” that apparently only debuted on Saturday, the day before the Super Bowl and danced her way to the stage. Home girl has killer moves, we all know this, but why on earth would you perform a song that almost no one knows? It might just be me, but I found this a bit strange.
Beyonce and her dancers perform on the field.
BUT, she did kill it! So there’s that. And she was awesome (even when she almost fell but totally played it off because she’s BEYONCE #smoothmoves). And Bruno was awesome. And Coldplay should’ve been awesome. But the whole thing just felt disconnected. It jumped from one to another to another and then they threw it all together in the end…and it just felt weird. Am I the only one?? 
Beyonce, Chris Martin and Bruno Mars perform during the <a href="" target="_blank">Super Bowl 50</a> halftime show on Sunday, February 7.

It’s okay if I’m alone in this feeling, but it really was just a bunch of random things thrown together. So there was the whole rainbow theme and then the “past, present, future” bit and then they threw it back to previous Super Bowl halftime performances, which was apparently fun for a lot of people (but not to me, who doesn’t live life on the edge of my seat just waiting to see who will be playing the next Super Bowl … the actual game or performer…). And I’m okay with that – it IS the 50th Super Bowl, so that’s a big deal. But it was just bizarre. And then, it ended like this…

The crowd at Levi's Stadium gets involved during the halftime show.
I’m going to wrap it up in that I was highly disappointed because when I heard that Coldplay was doing the halftime show, what actually happened was definitely not what I was expecting. If you enjoyed it or understand some deeper meaning of how this all pulls together, please share! I’m definitely open to it. Because I just don’t get it. 
Moving on. 
And now, let’s talk commercials
I’ve seen reviews with a top ten, some I agree with and some I highly disagree with. But these. These SIX were seriously the best commercials of the night. There may have been a few more “good” ones, but I kept my favorites to the following (in no specific order):

The Schick commercial was spot on. It was a super cute way to showcase their razor against an inferior one. It wasn’t super deep or knee-slapping funny, but I really liked it! Just watch.

NO MORE – Domestic Violence
I don’t know if it’s because I’ve worked with victims of violent crime for the last 4 years, but this commercial really stood out to me, and I’m seriously thankful for it. I know there’s some talk about how it could have and should have taken domestic violence a step (or two) further (see here) – but progress is progress and I’ll take it.

Honda Ridgeline – Queen Sheep
Ok, this one – I’m dying! I laughed at this one and seriously loved those Queen-singing sheep! And I also love the idea of a bed audio system! That brings a whole new level to tailgating, spending a night under the stars, washing your truck, etc. LOVE it!

Doritos – Ultrasound
Okay, this one was seriously funny! I wasn’t too sure at first, but I’ve watched it numerous times and it’s hilarious. I admit it! I’d do anything for Doritos, too, kid! HA!

Audi – Commander
This one gave me ALL THE FEELS. Like, in the gut. Emotional and sad and then the “awwww” moment. A must watch and definitely powerful!

Budweiser – #GiveADamn
While Budweiser disappointed fans this year by not incorporating a cute puppy (apparently, puppy ads don’t sell beer very well), they did bring forth a seriously strong message in one of their commercials, which I LOVED. Like, I don’t think I could love it any more. Let’s just listen to what Helen Mirren has to say…and pay close attention.

What were your favorite commercials this year? Did your favorite team win the big game? 

Oh, and CONGRATS to the Broncos! Even though I was rooting for the Panthers…

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