Texas Weather Be Like…

March 21, 2016 in texas

Texas weather is always crazy. If it’s hot, it’s extremely hot and part of the state is literally on fire. If there’s a chance for rain, it floods. And we can experience all the seasons in a single week. Jackets and parkas to tank tops and flip flops and back again! 

Also, this happens. 
This happens especially when it rains! It’s like people forget how to drive (not that they drove very well in the first place) when it starts to drizzle, and it just gets worse the longer and harder it rains. Seriously. It gets CRAZY. 
Oh, and we DO get “snow days”. Like, our office has closed before in anticipation of inclement weather, and while I enjoyed sleeping in, I woke up to the sun shining and no ice or rain in sight. So yeah, there’s that. I also took advantage of this day and ran tons of errands with my sunroof open and music turned up! #sorrynotsorry
This morning, it was 35 degrees and COLD. Blankets and heat was an absolute must! And the high today? Well, it’s 68. 68 degrees and comfortable, which means we’ll have the air conditioner running by mid-afternoon. It’s pretty much impossible this time of year to not carry around a jacket and sunglasses and quite possibly sunscreen and boots. 
But for now, I’m soaking up every cool/cold day that we get because I know it’s only a matter of time when the scorching hot Texas Summer will be here and I’ll be sweating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And I hate sweating. It’s gross and extremely uncomfortable and just not my idea of fun! I can’t say that I’d rather live somewhere that it’s cold and snowing all of the time, because I haven’t experienced that to know what it’s actually like. However, I much prefer cold weather to hot and would rather hit up the mountains than the beach any day! *sigh* Why do I live in Texas again? Haha. It’s something people ask me ALL.THE.TIME. Seriously. It’s 60+ degrees and you’ll find me in shorts. I’m my father’s daughter in that respect I guess. But I ain’t mad about it! You can always put on layers if you’re cold. But if it’s hot, you can only take off so much! And you’re still sweating. Ugh. Gross. 
Last February, we had legit snow (well, in north Texas and Dallas). This year? None. And the bluebonnets are skimpy this year, too. I don’t know if that’s weather-related or not but just throwing it out there! 
However, despite the unpredictable weather that is Texas, we do have some of the most beautiful sunsets! But that’s a story for another day. 
What’s the weather like where you live? Do you prefer warm or cold weather?

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