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July 14, 2015 in television
If you are not up-to-date with The Bachelorette from last night’s episode, you might want to stop reading, unless you don’t care about spoilers. 

This season of The Bachelorette is agonizing. I hate it, and just when I think it can’t get any worse, it does! It’s really pretty sad because I love Kaitlyn so much! I hated her in the beginning of Chris Soules’s season of The Bachelor, but she quickly grew on me as she opened up more and more. By the end, I was crushed to see her go – but then she was announced as “one” of the new bachelorettes!

Honestly, ABC screwed up this season from the very beginning. Having Kaitlyn and Britt fight it out to see who would actually be the Bachelorette was just plain stupid. The guys got to vote for who they wanted to stay, and that was that. Then, Kaitlyn had to weed out the guys that weren’t there for her, and then (finally) get into the group of guys that she had. And it was only downhill from there.

Poor Kaitlyn has had one drama-filled rose ceremony after another! From the very first night, she’s had to deal with ignorant, immature men to overly-cocky douchebags (I’m looking at YOU, Ian!). It’s just never ending, and I feel so bad for her. I’ve watched this show before, and it’s never quite so heartbreaking to watch the drama unfold. I feel like Kaitlyn seriously can’t win for losing and she’s struggling through every single aspect of her season. Her group of guys were very much split into two groups: great guys and whiny babies. Unfortunately, it took her a LONG TIME to weed out the bad eggs strictly because there were so many! Poor girl.

But then I stopped feeling sorry for her as soon as she got rid of Ben Z. I mean, come on! *swoon* #allthehearteyes

Now that’s a man! 😉

Ok, now where was I? Oh yes. Poor Kaitlyn. *sigh*. More drama ensued when Nick Viall entered the picture (he’s from Andi Dorfman’s season apparently – I wouldn’t know as I didn’t watch her season). Him and Kaitlyn had texted prior to her being the Bachelorette and felt there were feelings there that he just couldn’t ignore. She agreed and let him join the guys halfway through the season, which didn’t go over very well with the guys, especially Shawn and Joshua. Yikes!

Wetpaint animated GIF

I just have to say how much I despise Nick. HATE.HIM. He’s honestly a little creepy-looking, and he doesn’t seem sincere. However, I’m glad that both him and Kaitlyn have admitted how deep their conversations are, etc. because the only thing shown during their dates is the lust. They grope each other and make-out like it’s nobody’s business, with all of America watching and listening to their kissy noises. *vomit town, USA*  But honestly, his smile creeps me out, his hair is always pointy and really curly, he wears bracelets all.the.time, and his outfits are downright weird. Green tight skinny pants for a date in Ireland? No, Nick. Just no.

Last night, Kaitlyn Bristowe was down to her final three guys: Shawn, Ben H., and Nick.

This season has been so different from a typical bachelor/bachelorette season, so it wasn’t a huge surprise when Chris Harrison and Kaitlyn talked and decided she wasn’t ready to meet the final four guys’ families just yet. So, instead of hometown dates, the final three guys went into the overnight fantasy suite dates. We saw more Nick and Shawn drama last night, and it reminded me a lot of a love triangle from high school (not from experience or anything 😉 ha). Nick and Shawn seriously hate each other. HATE.EACH.OTHER. And it shows tremendously!

Ben’s overnight date with Kaitlyn was priceless. They went horseback riding in the countryside of Galway, Ireland and had a fancy dinner that evening in a castle, where they spent the night and Ben told her that he loved her. He’s seriously so sweet! Kaitlyn admitted that every time she is around Ben, she’s immediately happy and her spirits are lifted. He’s filled with such positivity and lights up a room.

Shawn’s overnight date with Kaitlyn was strange. They played golf in professional outfits and ended with a game of truth or dare. Shawn, being the manly man that he is, chose dare, which meant he had to streak across the green! Kaitlyn stole his clothes while he was putting naked and then the two were running down the course, Shawn naked and holding his golf club in the air. Umm, weird is an understatement, y’all. Just, wow. Their evening didn’t get much better because Kaitlyn just had to ask him about something Nick had told her about him that caused her to question his loyalty to her in the future. She wondered if Shawn was a player or if he was truly ready for marriage.

At the final rose ceremony, Kaitlyn obviously struggled. She was so upset with having to send a guy home because she cared so much for them all. Ultimately, though, she sent Ben H. packing. He held his composure quite well and I give him major props! He was emotionally upset, of course, but he stood his ground and left gracefully. Ben H. for the next bachelor? YES, PLEASE! 🙂

The final two guys, Shawn and Nick, introduced Kaitlyn to their families at a resort in Utah. They didn’t go to either guy’s hometown for “hometowns”, which was yet another change from a typical season of this show. She met Nick’s huge family (that guy has a TON of siblings!) who were all obviously concerned for Nick after having his heart broken by Andi before. They felt better knowing Nick was in the final two instead of the normal final four, as did Shawn’s family when they broke the news to them. Shawn’s mother could not attend the meeting, but his sisters were beaming after meeting Kaitlyn, and his dad gave him his blessing. Overall, the “meeting the families” went well, which left Kaitlyn in tears. She was downright ugly crying because she was overly emotional about being in love with two (very different) men. Two men that downright hate each other. And the love triangle continues…

Next week is the Men Tell All episode, and the finale (and final end to Kaitlyn’s strangely dramatic and emotional and creepy-guy-fest) will air on July 27th.

Will it be Kaitlyn and Shawn?

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Or Kaitlyn and Nick?


Who are you rooting for? Have you been impressed with this season? If so, show me your ways because it’s been downright HARD to watch! 

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  • Mrs. Southern Mama July 15, 2015 at 9:44 pm

    Shawn is a cutie, but Ben H was my favorite. Here's to hoping he's the next Bachelor! I heard he was 🙂

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