Today’s a day that I wasn’t super excited about. It’s actually a day that I’ve kept at the back of my mind for as long as possible. Today I’m back at work.

I was fortunate enough to be off from both jobs for the past two weeks over the holidays and it’s been absolutely glorious! I soaked up lots of family time, some guy time, shared lots of laughs, some not so good moments, some surprising moments, and overall happy moments. I strayed from social media and enjoyed every minute of it.

But today? Today is back to the daily grind. It’s back to work, who knows how many emails, catching up on phone calls and office gossip, recapping holiday shenanigans with my coworkers, waking up early and getting presentable (the part I dreaded the most), grocery shopping, following my budget. The list goes on. Today, it’s back to reality. The holidays and hustle & bustle are over. It’s January, and it’s back to a routine.

And as much as I wasn’t looking forward to my vacation ending and heading back into work, I’m glad that today is finally here. I’m ready to get back into a routine and for things to be normal. I’m ready to be caught up on laundry and dishes and blogging. I’m looking forward to catching up on all my TV shows and responsibilities and obligations. I’m ready.

I also am pretty proud to have made it to today. It means I survived my first divorced Christmas and New Year’s. It means I made it through the holidays as a divorced woman, and I did so happily. Not once during the entire time did I wonder what my ex was doing or what it would’ve been like this year with him by my side, whose family we would’ve visited when, how it would’ve looked as my third married Christmas. Not once. And I’m pretty ecstatic about that! I am proud to be on the other side of it happier than ever.

This is my year. This is the year I find myself and what makes me happy. This is the year that I look forward to the daily grind, no matter how dismal that may be some days. This year, today, begins a new normal. My new normal.

I’m so anxious and ready for it to happen – to see what my new normal looks like. I’m looking forward to a year of happiness and laughter. A year of finding myself and learning who my true friends are – who’s good for me and who has served their purpose in my life. I’m ready for the daily grind. My daily grind. I’m ready to see what that looks like.