The Final Rose

March 10, 2015 in television

Last night was Chris Soules’s finale in his journey to finding love as Prince Farming, aka The Bachelor.

The week started out with Whitney meeting Chris’s family, and boy were they taken by her! We all know that Whitney is very outgoing and speaks her mind, but when she walked through that door in Arlington, Iowa, she never slowed down! She gave hugs, played with the children, and talked everyone’s ear off. She gave a speech over lunch to everyone there about her love for Chris and how serious she was taking this process. The sisters were very much #teamwhitney after their talk with her. She was very honest and open about her feelings, as she has been the entire season, and she fell in love. However, I did find it a little odd how she kept saying she was ready for a family and wanted to pop out some babies, that she wanted parents again that she could call mom and dad. It’s almost as if she just wanted an instant family and was oh so desperate for it. That kind of ground on my nerves a bit. After Whitney left, Chris’s family pulled out the big guns. After meeting Whitney and seeing their connection, they questioned him on Becca, and they didn’t hold back. Chris was amazing though and really defended his relationship with Becca. Just because Becca wasn’t “a sure thing” didn’t mean his feelings for her weren’t real. 
And the next day, his family met Becca. She held her own, and I was proud of her! Yes, she’s young and no, she wasn’t in love with Chris. But she has been very honest with him on where she stood on the situation and flat out told his family that she wouldn’t be picking up her life and moving to Iowa until she was in love with him. Kudos to her for really being truthful and not just shutting down. I absolutely loved her conversation with Chris’s mom. His mom laid it out there and was truly being a MOM. She tried to help Becca see that what she was feeling was love and maybe she just didn’t recognize it or wasn’t ready to accept it yet. 
The episode went on with one more “date” with each woman, which really consisted of low-key sit down conversations. Becca and Chris’s conversation really struck home for me. It was real. It was real life. It’s the thing relationships are made of – they communicated pretty effectively and didn’t get frustrated with each other. Chris pushed her for answers because he needed reassurance that although she wasn’t in love yet, did she believe they were meant to be together? Was she willing to give it everything she had to make it work? It was precious, and the way he held her and looked at her just radiated love. *swoon* 
And then it was time, finally. After 8 long weeks, Chris had to make a decision. As Neil Lane was in his hotel room and he was choosing a ring to propose with, Chris kept saying that he still didn’t know what he was going to do. He didn’t know who he was going to propose to. That bothered me. OF  COURSE HE KNEW! He wouldn’t pick out a ring and then decide on the girl. Although he was saying he was still so unsure of who to go with, deep down, he knew. 
Becca was the first to arrive at Chris’s barn, where he’d be proposing to one of the women. And we all know what being first means. It meant Becca was going home. I was proud of how she took it and handled herself. She respected Chris for his decision and was able to find peace with it. And then, Whitney’s limo. That girl was seriously shaking with nerves! She had professed her love for Chris time and time again, and she was terrified it would all come crumbling down around her and it’d be over in an instant. Also, girlfriend can TALK. She pretty much took over the proposal and wouldn’t let Chris get a word in! He had to wait for her to say her spiel before he could tell her she was the one. She really should work on that. But then, Chris said “I love you” and nothing else mattered. There was a ring and lots of “I love you”s to go around. And then they sat in the barn as his parents came walking up the road. Hmm. We kept waiting for the dramatic twist that’s never happened before, but we were constantly disappointed. It did make for a fun night of “Becca’s coming back” and “he’s going to ride his horse after the limo to stop her”, etc., etc. 
PHOTO: Chris Soules proposed to Whitney Bischoff on the season finale of "The Bachelor."

On the After the Final Rose special, Becca and Chris saw each other for the first time since he said goodbye, and it wasn’t really that awkward. She said her piece and she was grateful for the experience. She said that it opened her up to the possibility of love and she knows what that feels like now. I also hadn’t realized until that point that she was 7 years younger than Chris. Not that it really matters, but being in your mid-twenties and having to decide if you’re in love or if you’d move your entire life from San Diego to Arlington, Iowa, that’s huge! No wonder she was struggling. 

And then the couple was able to be together in public finally. Whitney was bouncing all over the place and was just so darn happy. I’m happy for them, they seem to make a great couple! And Whitney got the instant family she’s been looking for. And then, Jimmy Kimmel shows up. Of course! He makes some jokes and my favorite was when he chimed in on Chris’s final decision, saying that Becca “just wasn’t into him”. It was hilarious! And then, Jimmy’s surprise for the couple – a COW! Juan Pablo the cow, to be precise. Seriously funny. Thanks, Jimmy! The dramatic twist that’s never happened before? A cow. Hmm. Possibly. How dumb. 
And then, Chris Harrison announces the next Bachelorette. And we finally get THE BIG TWIST. Airing on May 18th, The Bachelorette will kick off with two bachelorettes: Kaitlyn and Britt. What the what? Chris announces that Bachelor Nation and their staff were torn with deciding between the two, so they just didn’t. Instead, after the first night, the 25 guys they bring to the mansion will choose who would “make the better wife”. Basically, they get to vote for which girl they want to date and stay as the bachelorette while the other is sent packing. So awkward, ABC! 
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Britt was all, “I don’t know how it’s going to work, we’ll just see!” as she was all smiles. Kaitlyn, however, wasn’t so sure. She kept cracking jokes and commented that when she found out she’d ultimately be competing against Britt (again), she said it “wasn’t ideal”. Well of course not! It’s going to be weird, but I’m pulling for Kaitlyn. Britt is way too emotional and caught up in herself. I mean, she pretty much attacked Chris, right in front of Kaitlyn and Carly, for giving the group date rose to Kaitlyn. “We had that conversation and you reassured me of where we stood, and then you gave the rose to her.” (or something like that). I mean, ouch. Poor Kaitlyn. I really wish she could just have the spotlight to herself, but she’ll definitely make a good impression on the guys that first night. No doubt about that :). I guess we’ll see! 

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  • Allison @ Texas Mrs. March 16, 2015 at 1:48 pm

    Im not sure why, but I really dont like Britt very much so I am hoping that Kaitlin becomes the official bachelorette 🙂

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