Wedding Update: Patience

July 27, 2016 in life lessons

Patience is something I’ve always struggled with. It’s just a part of my very core and something I have had to accept. I can work on it, sure, but it’ll never go away. I’ll never be considered a patient person, by any means. 

Having to wait for my engagement ring to come in from being resized has been like pure torture, you know, for a girl who just got proposed to out of the blue and with the biggest and most beautiful diamond ring she’s ever seen! Oh, and she had to part with it less than twenty-four hours after getting it. It sure would’ve been nice to have gotten it sized correctly in the first place *cough, Cory, cough*. But I’ve definitely been tested these past 2+ weeks while waiting for it!
The first week flew by and was pretty easy, but this past week was much harder. By last Friday, I was so over waiting and just wanted it! I know there are more important things in the world and I shouldn’t be so focused on materialistic things. But dang it, it’s beautiful and I’m super happy, and it’s frustrating sharing such exciting news with people only to have them ask, “Well let’s see the ring!” and to have to let them down by saying it’s being re-sized.  But supposedly (God willing), today’s the day! It’s supposed to be in today, so fingers crossed that I’ll be picking up that beauty after work. 
Wedding planning has been super stressful up to this point, and it’s only been a few weeks! But the major details, you know, like the when and where, have to be decided early on. And when you want things a certain way, your time frame becomes limited. Very limited. And then you have to make sure the people you want in the wedding are available for the date you picked…it’s never ending. But that’s what happens when you’re not planning a super long engagement. 
I’m engaged. Holy wow – that’s still sinking in, I think. 
Trying to settle on an official date for the wedding has been the hardest point so far. Did we want indoor? Outdoor? This year? Next year? Where? How? 
The questions were endless! And in the midst of what Cory and I wanted, we had to wait to hear back from like 10 people to see if one date would work. That waiting was hard, because honestly, all I wanted to do was officially have a date for our wedding. OUR WEDDING! But I couldn’t – it wasn’t that easy. On several occasions, I had to wait days for an answer. And that answer was usually, “That date won’t work.” *le sigh* 
I’m still nervous that the date we have set (for now, anyway) will eventually be rejected due to some unknown reason randomly coming up and someone not being available…or something like that. BUT, I’m confident that things are off to a great start! The wedding planning is moving forward and we’re getting through our to-do list little by little. 
Here’s to hoping my patience levels will increase little by little during this wedding planning process! Hey, a girl can dream, right? 

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