Weekend Getaway

May 26, 2015 in life lately

It had been a long time coming and was way overdue, but Cory and I finally got a much needed weekend away. No families, no jobs, no dogs, no responsibility. Only him and me in a city unknown to us, ready to explore, relax, and enjoy some quality time together.

We got tickets a few months ago and I had been anxiously waiting for this past weekend. Since moving back home, I haven’t had much time alone or just with Cory. And honestly, May has been a super busy month, so some down time was very much needed. A weekend away to Fort Worth for a Josh Turner concert was just the ticket. 
Honestly, the 4 hour road trip to get there was half the fun. You don’t really know someone until you’ve been stuck in a car with them longer than 2 hours. Just sayin’. 
We laughed, I slept, we argued, and we had a blast. Upon arriving at the hotel, we immediately hit up the indoor swimming pool, which was a huge win because it didn’t even matter that it was pouring rain outside. We still enjoyed an hour or so in the pool – our first swim this spring/summer! The first of many, fingers crossed :). After swimming, we showered and got ready for a night out on the town. And thus began a series of unfortunate events, that I may or may not have handled very gracefully. 
We had to exchange some clothes we had purchased last weekend at the last minute, the restaurant we planned to eat at didn’t accept reservations and had a super long wait time, it was pouring rain, and my headache was stronger than ever. I was frustrated, to say the least. But, God is so good and had it all under control the entire time. I stopped and picked up some Advil, my headache went away, we got the clothes exchanged, and we had a delicious dinner at Billy Bob’s prior to the concert. Although we had to make a few u-turns along the way, we had cash, went for valet parking, and tapped our boots to the honky tonk band that played before Josh Turner hit the stage. Our night improved immensely, and we really were able to enjoy each other’s company. 
Josh Turner hit the stage at 10:30pm and KILLED it! He was amazing, and I’m so happy I was able to see him live. He really knows how to entertain and didn’t disappoint in any way! He also played a few songs from his new album that’s not yet released, which I’m now really looking forward to. And halfway through his set, he pointed out a military veteran that was in the crowd, to which the entire place stood up and applauded. And then, it went a step further. The vet was handed a microphone, and he proposed to his girlfriend! She said yes, don’t worry ;). It was a beautiful thing to witness and the love was radiating for the rest of the night. I really enjoyed this venue, as it wasn’t a huge arena. It was more intimate and made for a more enjoyable experience. The quality of my pictures is pretty terrible (thank you iPhone), but it got the job done.

After Josh Turner played his encore, we headed out to the valet pick-up to head back to the hotel. Only, it was POURING rain, and there was no cover. So there were about 20 people waiting for their vehicles in the rain with nowhere to go for shelter. And the valet service wasn’t allowing people to go get their own cars even though they knew where they were – like us, for example, as Cory had to go back to the car because the tickets were sitting on the back seat… 
Thankfully, the venue also has live bull riding, and the chutes were next to the valet. Since everything was over, the chutes were empty and we took shelter there while we waited for our car to be brought up. We made the best of the situation and are closer because of it. I had an absolute blast and am so thankful for a weekend away, even if it wasn’t very far or we didn’t do anything super crazy and grand. Even if we were completely drenched and didn’t get a perfect picture. Even if there were many moments I just wanted to throw my hands up in frustration. It was much needed for both of us, and we enjoyed our uninterrupted quality time. 

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