Weekend Shenanigans

June 12, 2017 in life lately

This weekend was pretty fabulous and seriously productive. And I got in some major cardio. I blew through my fitbit goals on both Saturday AND Sunday!! Y’all, that’s impressive. Well, for me it is anyway. 

We started Saturday off with a family reunion and enjoyed some amazing BBQ chicken. But man was it HOT! I know we live in Texas and it’s summertime, but holy wow it was blazing! Add a baby that you carry around all the time, and you just can’t help but sweat. It was nice to hang out with family, though – some of them I hadn’t seen in YEARS! It was great to catch up and see everyone again, and to spoil my adorable nephew a bit, too! 
And Pops was eating up his grandsons. Aren’t they seriously adorable?! 

I have a pretty good feeling that these three are going to be the best of friends (and get into some serious trouble) as they grow up! Haha. Love, love, love them all so much. 
Landon had a “play date” on Saturday night and seemed to really enjoy himself. He also seemed to make some new friends! 

He was introduced to the Xbox and was really loving all of the colors and movement on the TV. Too precious!! I’m so thankful Kristen captured these moments throughout the evening/night. Her kids were absolutely amazing with Landon and were up with him throughout the night. Feedings, diaper changes, pacifier, you name it – they were on it.

I am so blessed with these people in my life and now my son is, too! He was so well taken care of and I didn’t once have a moment of concern or panic leaving him in their very capable hands. I mean, he looks pretty content and happy, wouldn’t you say so? 🙂

And I got some MUCH NEEDED sleep and one-on-one time with my sister! We did some shopping, eating, lounging…definitely time we needed together and have been missing since before I got pregnant. Y’all, it takes a village to raise a baby, and my village is pretty damn awesome. Landon is so very lucky, as is his mama! I’m blessed and truly thankful for having such wonderful people in my life that genuinely want to help out and be a part of Landon’s life. It’s the little things. Truly! 
A wonderful weekend, indeed. 

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