One of the first things we did when my sister and I arrived to South Carolina was hit the beach! Well, more specifically, see the ocean and just take it all in. 

You see, before that day, I had never really experienced or seen the ocean. Living in Texas, going to the beach meant hitting up Galveston or Rockport, etc – basically, the Gulf of Mexico. Not really the ocean. Cory would go on and on about loving the beach and I just didn’t get it. It just wasn’t my thing, and I much preferred the lake. That’s all I really knew! I’ve been on a Caribbean cruise before, but again, it’s not the ocean (and I didn’t spend ANY time on a beach or in the actual water there). 
So on our first official day here, Cory made sure to take us to the beach! We didn’t have any intentions on actually spending a significant amount of time there or actually go swimming, but it was my first official glimpse of an ocean and real beach! 

As you can probably already tell, I was so excited! It was pretty cloudy and late in the day, but it was beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed the little time we spent there.