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May 27, 2015 in life lately

It’s the last Wednesday of the month, which means a big list-oriented post about the current happenings in my life! I enjoy these posts and often look forward to them. It’ll be so fun to go back and look on what my life was like months and even years down the road.

What we’re eating this week:
We devoured some homemade pizza for Memorial Day and then some meatball subs last night. So good! I believe some grilling is in the future for later this week. 🙂

What I’m reminiscing about: 
Last weekend with Cory. It was such a blessing to be able to get away for the weekend with no responsibilities. Seriously, it was perfect timing and a great way to spend some quality time together.

What I’m loving: 
My blog’s new look! I’m so please with the outcome of my new design and love that it’s simple and professional but still with a touch of sass. Love, love, love the gold accents!

What we’ve been up to: 
May was seriously a super busy month! We had a family reunion, spent Mother’s Day weekend with my mom, my cousin’s wedding, and then a weekend in Fort Worth with my favorite guy. Like I said, a busy month! It’s been non-stop, and I’m ready for a few relaxing weekends with zero plans – please?

What I’m dreading: 
More horrific weather. It’s been raining nonstop in Texas for the last 8 weeks, and this past weekend was the worst of it: major flooding, tornadoes, people missing, homes destroyed. It hurts my heart to know that more is on the way.


What I’m working on: 
CONSISTENCY. It’s something I struggle with and am really working on in myself. I’m so bad about starting things and then not following through. As much as I crave routine, you’d think I’d be a lot better about actually sticking to one and being consistent, but no.

What I’m excited about:
I’m totally amped for an upcoming trip and really falling into my new role at work after my promotion!

What I’m watching/reading: 
No surprise here, but I’m obsessed with this season of The Bachelorette. It started with two bachelorettes, the guys chose one, and now we’re in full swing. There’s LOTS of drama coming up. 🙂

What I’m listening to: 
Lately, the only constant that I’m listening to is rain. Rain, rain and more rain. It’s been nonstop, which mostly I love, but not so much when it turns into full on flooding and life-threatening for people.

What I’m wearing: 
I (sort of) recently got a major haul at Maurice’s and I’m loving pairing the pieces for spring. Bright, flowy clothes and colors!

What I’m doing this weekend: 
I actually don’t have major plans this weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited about that! I’ll be doing some packing and church and meeting with my priest, but nothing outrageous or that involves traveling, so I’m beyond thrilled.

What I’m looking forward to next month: 
Vacation, vacation, vacation!

What else is new:
Call me a nerd, but I totally bought Charlotte’s Web on blu-ray this weekend! I’m pretty pumped to watch it this weekend – it’s been a while!

And the monthly question…
What is my favorite thing to grill in June? 
Well I don’t grill it, my dad does, but my favorite grilled thing to eat in June is pork steaks! Heck, it’s my favorite grilled thing to eat no matter the month :).

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