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October 26, 2015 in blogging

Blogging gives me a sense of comfort and peace, as strange as that may seem. It’s where I go to be creative, to relieve some stress, to vent, to relate to other people, to be supported and encouraged, and to grow. It’s also a document of my life exactly where I am, and it’s my testimony. It’s oh so much, and more.

So today, I’m answering a question I’ve been asked a lot:


All too often, I get asked by people how I can share my life for strangers. Don’t I care how they see me or worry that they’ll know too much? The answer to that is simply, “no”. I’m at a place in my life where I honestly don’t live wondering what others think about me. I know what the people that matter to me think, and that’s important, but everyone else? Why should it matter? And plenty of people I know in real life follow my blog and know what’s going on, and that’s okay too! In fact, I love that. I love hearing from people in the comments on a post about what stood out to them or how they can relate, whether they be someone just visiting for the first time or a faithful follower, whether it’s someone a million miles away or someone I’ve known my entire life. It’s connections.

Speaking of connections, I never in my wildest dreams could have ever imagined the connections I’d make through my blog. From opportunities through companies to creating real, true friendships with other bloggers. It’s amazing to me what kind of community blogging really is. It’s what I wanted when I struggled in the beginning of 2013 and I’ve truly come a long way. For that, I’m unbelievably thankful. The support and encouragement in the blogging community is astounding and inspiring.

Also, I apparently like to write. This is a recent revelation, but it’s what blogging really comes down to. I have feelings, emotions, and opinions, so I blog. I write them out and somehow relate to other people who might feel the same way or want to understand further.  I’ve really come a long way, and surprisingly, blogging has helped in my career as well. I’m more conscientious of my word choices and writing in general, so my legal writing for work has become stronger. So, it’s pretty much a win-win!

Blogging is my creative outlet. I’ve tried the whole real-life scrapbook thing and other crafty things along those lines, and it’s just not for me. But blogging? Oh, that’s so me! I can change things up however and whenever I feel like it. Each post allows for creativity – in my writing if I’m feeling particularly poetic, in the pictures I share and/or create, in the design of my blog, and in the design and content of my pages (About Me, 30 before 30, Contact). I get to truly express myself and change it up as I change and grow. It’s amazing and is a major stress reliever, although it definitely does add stress to my life as well – I just don’t mind it because it’s something I love doing!

Blogging is a way for me to express myself. It’s a tiny part of the interwebs that is mine, and mine alone. I can write about what I’m feeling, thinking, dreaming, worrying, loving, making … the opportunities are endless! And the best part is that there are NO RULES. If you don’t have a post today, fine. Post tomorrow! Want to talk about your medical condition? More power to ya! Struggling through a divorce, death in the family, or working two jobs? Write it out. I know I have – on all three of those topics time and time again. Whatever is on your heart or in your mind, you can share it however you want to. It’s glorious and freeing. But even though there are no rules doesn’t mean I share every single part of my life. Some things you just don’t share, but that’s kind of common sense. It’s important to ensure a sense of privacy and security – to an extent. I mean, I am a blogger after all, which means opening up my life to friends, family, and strangers alike. Just not every nook and cranny of my life ;).

So, that’s why I blog. I enjoy it. I look forward to coming to this space time and time again. I can express myself, truly be myself, and be supported for it. The question should really be: why don’t YOU blog?

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