#xobriannaleigh2015 {Week Seven}

February 20, 2015 in #briannaleigh2015

Day 44: Friday introductions! I strayed a bit from the question and went with the TV show that always makes me cry: Parenthood! 

Day 45: Date night! Had the best day with the greatest guy, and ending it with 50 Shades of Grey. I’m definitely blessed with him in my life! 

Day 46: What an absolutely perfect weekend! I am unbelievably blessed and can’t thank God enough for shining in my life, even through the storms. Especially through the storms. I am undeserving, but He loves me unconditionally. 

Day 47: Bachelor recap and Chasing Life. The Monday night tradition continues! 

Day 48: Spent the second half of the day with the best sister ever! Olive Garden, Target, Starbucks, life organization, and no phones! Seriously perfection. I couldn’t do life without her. #sistersarethebest

Day 49: The Lenten season began today, and although it didn’t start off on the best foot, I’m hopeful. Many more days to reflect upon myself and dig deep for spiritual renewal, 

Day 50: Settling in for the night with this guy! He’s the absolute cutest alligator ever. And the best Valentine’s gift from my boo. 

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